Monday, 29 October 2012

Tthe Fulfillment after the school year =)

WORKING ABROAD, is not easy  so  i have to find a way to ease those Homesick .I enrolled in a World Micro Business  School to study about  ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE  . So every week end i go to school .As i go on i mingled with those  foreign  students who wants also to  continue to  upgrade and develop new skills  for their future . Learning new skills helps me to develop and  understand more about life changing
Sharing life stories .listening life stories of other helps to  go on  for my desires in every goal that i want to achieve in my life.

Well after those school year battle up with those  modules ,assignments and projects.Putting up in action  on the training .The school year is going to end but it did not end as what we expected. Because the reality comes along to put up in action all those lessons  .For you to qualify to  graduate you  have  to submit a  well detailed  Business Plan Proposal  two weeks before the graduation.
Without any information  during the graduation day  A BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT  every batch of the class there will be 3 BEST BUSINESS PLAN  WINNERS. Every one  say  oohhh.....................
As the they announce the the first batch of the class every one is excited hoping  they will be the one.. Out of 59  business plans submitted and reviewed every detailed  from the BUSINESS MAN/ WOMAN  2 weeks before the the graduation .
From my batch yahoo proudly present  the photo on this blog I WON THE SECOND PRICE !!!!!!!
The moment they announce my name  its like WOW!!!!! and I SAY YESS!!!!!  while marching on the stage to recieved my award.
 Finally  from all those stress to  put every detailed of my business plan  from 1 yr to 5 years . creating menus for my SEAFOOD  HOME MADE RESTAURANTS , looking for nice spots ,finding suppliers, imagining how many sales we have have per day,week,month,and yearly, calculating every  cash flow.and etc.
I finally say well done .................


Saturday, 20 October 2012

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