Friday, 30 November 2012


As i was setting down on my room it came to my mind the memories that never last about my younger sister .Who is born with hearth disease. When she was a baby as i remember i'm still at young of age the doctors already advice us that she will not stay live for a long period of time it only months or 1 yr.
We want her to stay on the hospital but she always cry seems she doesn't want the place. As her condition she is not allowed to cry for along period of time because she easily catches her the doctors advice to bring her home as the doctors say that her face changes its like shes so happy to home.
As day ,months , years pass we always say hope she will not. God hear our prayers and she lived for a long period of time until she reached the age of 12. With those pass years lots of memories happens , she take care good care of those daughter and son of our  brother and sister . Every time she wanted , she loves kids she always wanted to hug them and sing and dance with them.
I remember we have a very cute white dog this dog become her best friend as i said its like they understand each other. She even teach our dog how to dance. So every time they are playing or we have some guest she will always say Pungil come dance beside me ? Pungil is the name of our dog. Then our dog run where she is setting hug one another before our dog dance. Until now i'm still thinking how she did manage to do that.
When she went to school her teacher says shes so talented shes very good and art . And when her teacher ask her what is her dream at the age of 7 she said she want to be doctor. As she grow every time i go home i was looking at her shes very different . She is very responsible shes like so matured because every time she finished taking a bath she washed her clothes and let it dry . And fold them she wants all her things to be in order . Its like shes always ready to go .
There was one time since she cant walk that long so i have to carry her . It comes to my mind and asked her if so happen we don't know that you will say goodbye to us forever are you gonna show up on me always ? And she said yes. So i said hemmm then i will not carry you at all i said with a smile but of course i had no choice but to carry her every 5 minutes .
That was the last time i had some fun with her then i came to Singapore to work . When i am calling my mom always told me that she want to have that so i said ok. For the past month yes she sell those chips , candies etc. So she earn money the money that she earned from those she ask my mom to buy sugar coffee and dried salted fish so my mom says for what?
With out the idea of my mom every person who pass by or just set on our backyard she always asked them if they had coffee or they already eat. If they said no she just go to the kitchen and prepare them food. That's what she always do .
A week before she will finally say goodbye she put all her belongings in a box in put inside the wardrobe . We thought we are ready to this moment but it wasn't , those moment was the moment of sadness.
So the time she finally say goodbye all we have  hear  from those people who came to be with us that moment . that we don't even know who they are . We were wondering why and how they know my sister until they begun to tell the story .Words THANK YOU and GOODBYE to her. Shes like a well known person because we had so much guest in different ages.
One day when i was talking to my mom i ask her did she ever show up on you after the those past days cause my older sister she already did ? And for me i haven't see her on my dreams how is she now? My mom said don't worry . I asked again my mom . I know how my mom feel about it .( ohh dear my tears begun to fall ) and she said yes she already show up to me on my dream at first i don't recognize her because shes very different , she looks so pretty wearing pure white dress , with ribbons on her hair . So i was wondering who is she ?
As she came closer and closer where i am setting down she said “mama” and i said Jolyn and set on my lap. As we talk for a long period of time she said i have to go now mama becAUse all my friends are waiting for me. You don't have to worry about me cause my place is very deffirent from here . Its very beautiful lots of kids , food , wide play ground and beautiful flowers. And my mom said as she stand and walked forward from my mom then she begun to fly like an ANGEL
As my mom telling me the story about her i can't help my self but my tears are falling down. I miss her so much but then again im so happy because i knew shes in heaven and shes one of our ANGEL. OPPSS need to wipe my tears ....... but i was so amazed by her because she created her own MASTER PIECE and left a MEMORIES that will never LAST.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

My swa pay out here in Siingapore

Hemm.....  its 12 am already here  in SINGAPORE  but  still i don't feel  asleep. 
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