Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The Race Movie

 This reminds me when i was racing before  for the sport festival  during my 5th and 6 grade  its not easy and i have to compete w/ different school  .And all of them they are all the best & the winners for how many years . Its my first time  to join  . As  we get ready  and here comes the whistle  the crowd started to  cheer .what was on my mind  is to run as fast as i can to stand my own school. As i pass by where some of my fellow athletes are  standing  i only hear one  word * GO*  . WITHOUT MY EXPECTATIONS i am the FIRST one who reached the FINISH LINE. As i claimed the victory the challenge  just begun . For my journey to make our school to be the best out from  6 schools. And be the one to represent for the district competition

As day pass by  every time we had  competition  in different sports we always prefer to walk and this will give us more time to talk and plan what are the strategies how we help one one another. Since this is the first time that our respective school are overcoming from those losses .and starting to stand  on the top.

Since the competition  and the training held on the different school.  one night as we are walking  we never thought that, we will face  those  relatives of our opponent  who looses the games. We never think that they will attack us  in the middle of the  road. And this time our  trainers are not with us. I was shock  as i am new in this place so i don't have any idea  who those  guys. 
But what really surprise me is  i am there target .It just because  i won the race against to the daughter of the  head teacher  and the trainer. This is the moment i felt like  i'm so scared  how if  i was hit by  those stones ? And worst if those stones landed on my head.  but thanks God  with help of my fellow athletes . They manage protect me. Some of them faces  those guys as we find our way to run and scape .As we manage to scape  and reached to our place i can't help myself as my tears started to  fall while waiting for some of our team mates to arrive. hoping and praying  that no one is hurt.

The next day we report this to our teachers and  head of our school. As they investigating the case i started to  think of QUITTING  and  give what they want cause i can't help myself  to race again as i know that my life is in danger. It took me sometime  to decide  what will i do as my aunt said  its better if i will just stop for my own safety. But then again as day pass and hold on to the promise that they will solve the case and give us the security  so that it will not happen again i decided to continue what i started  and to race no until the final.
 As the final competition is over i am  one of the  representative to represent  to whole schools  from our district .At dito ko naramdaman yung  super pressure kasi di na yung school namin ang present ko kundi buong district . Ang dami kung namis  na lesson  para lng magtrain at 1 week we have to stay  sa center  district  until the awardings. .At sa super abala ako sa training  at  mentor mga kasama namin  kasi im joining two competition  RUNNING and SCI DAMATH di ko na namalayan  sa isang buwan parang ilang araw lng ako pumasok sa school. 
And here we go the announcement  that all the athletes  and representatives teachers  from different district   we have to proceed to the  awarding area.i feel nervous but at the same time im excited cause i know  i did my best . As they announce the overall  ranking  and respective  place of the winners  i was so happy that  i am on the 3rd  place. And as we march w/ my teacher  going to the stage to accept the award   wow  all those pagod  ay biglang nawala  At that moment  i dnt have any idea how many districts  who joined the competition  as far as i am concerned  i face  10 contenders on the SCI DAMATH. 

At ito ang kaunaunang  makasama kami sa TOP 3 . GRABE  super proud ako sa  self ko kasi kahit na new ako at sa mga napagdaanan namin sa school na pinasokan ko  nakagawa na ako ng  isang  napakalaking  changes  sa school namin.
Ohh dear i miss those moment  super pagod gabi na kami umowi.  yong mga kulitan sa daan para lng d namin maramdaman ang pagod saka sakit sa katawan. 

Pero minsan na naalala ko  i feel sad kasi nung nag graduate ako pinakiusap ako ng principal  since di daw ako taga doon at yun daw lang mga pagkakataon  na bumangon sila laging pagkatalo sa sports ay kung pwede ay iwan ko mga  award ko para display nila sa library at maging inspiration sa mga susunod  na makikipaglaban.  I feel sad kasi  d ko na makikita at mahahawakan pero ang naisip ko lang na  kung sa pamamagitan ng mga awards ko ay dun mag karoon ng mga next  generation  para ma inspired sila  so i say yes. Ang mahalaga alam ko sa puso't isipan ko na  panalo ako. 

Sana sa pagbabalik ko sa school ay masilayan ko pa mga awards ko. Simula kasi nung umalis ako dun di na ako bumalik ulit. Anu kaya  mga progress dun?